This winter I discovered the pleasures of working very small. I was going through one of those periods when there was never enough time to get everything done. I was frustrated with the constant stop and go of working on larger studio pieces and I felt the paintings were suffering by the on again off again routine they were submitted to. Days would go by without painting. Since I couldn’t change the commitments I had I decided to find a way to paint and complete a painting when only very short work time was available to me. The solution was the mini, 6x8 inch painting. To make things go even faster I chose to do a series of the same scene.


For the last 30 years I have seen this farmhouse almost everyday. It is located on the property where I keep my horse. I thought it would be interesting to paint it in all seasons and in all weather conditions. I could learn from the paintings, record some great skies and have an interesting body of work that I might put together in some fashion. It was not to be a daily painting but was to last a year and be created on those days when time was limited.


Since I also spend a lot of time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina I have added this series of surf studies to be continued during the year.The first four paintings were painted from an oceanfront window during a four day nor’easter. It was fun!